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  1. Plotting house price and income trends

    In this post we will create some plots of house prices and incomes for the United States and individual states. We will also try out the bea.R package to get data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis..

  2. Kalman Filter for a dynamic linear model in R

  3. Pomological Plots

    Pomological Plots with R

  4. Spotlight on housing affordability

    Friends don't let freinds use dual y axis charts, but this might be an exception

  5. Jobs Friday May 2018

    A gruesome accident at the Stegosaurus farm? No, a chart of consecutive job gains?

  6. What's up? VSUP, that's what's up.

    Value-Suppressing Uncertainty Palettes allocate a larger range of a visual channel when uncertainty is low, and smaller ranges when uncertainty is high. Let us make one with R.

  7. Expanding Expansions, Contracting Recessions

    Economic expansions in the U.S. have been getting longer, recessions shorter. We explore with data visualizations made with R.

  8. Rate Cloud

    Let's make a new mortgage rate dataviz.

  9. Pipe Tweenr

    In this post we make some animated data visualizations using R and tweenr. We try out some of the new features in the tweenr package.

  10. Forecasting Game

    What's a forecaster to do? We look at a forecasting game and determine the optimal communication strategy for a forecaster who predicts a binary outcome.