Rstudioconf Poster

Using R to Analyze Economic and Housing Market Trends.

I really like R, but I love the R community. Since I’ve started using R intensively in the past couple of years, I’ve constantly been awed and inspired by all the amazing things that people are doing with R. The spirit of the open source community and people’s willingness to share their thoughts and code is fantastic.

Many times in this space we’ve remixed different data visualizations with R, often relying on awesome new packages that others have developed.

I’m really excited that I’m able to go to the Rstudio Conference in Austin this year. I especially look forward to learning a lot and meeting many people who have contributed in big and small ways to the R community. I hope I’ve been able to contribute in a small way too. In a slight nod in that direction, I’ve been given the chance to present at the poster session tomorrow night. If you’re in Austin I hope you stop by and say hello.

If you are not able to make it to the conference, you can see my poster below. It highlights many different ways that we’ve explored economic and housing data with R including (links to relevant blog posts):

We also get a cameo appearances from


The Poster

I may talk more about building it later, but it’s a flexdashboard using slickR to manage the image rotation.

See the full screen version: link

Looking forward to event. If you’re there I hope we meet. If not, check out my Twitter for updates.