E-Poster using Flexdashboards and SlickR

R code for a E-Poster

I’m hearing that folks have been invited to speak at the upcoming Rstudio conference. Congratulations to the folks who got accepted this year.

I am not sure if I’m going to go to the conference this year, but I recommend you consider it if you love R. I spoke there last year, giving an E-Poster. It was a lot of fun. The best part was getting a chance to meet other R enthusiasts. If my schedule works out I’ll try to make it.

I posted my e-poster last year LINK

But I didn’t include source code for that version. I made the poster using flexdashboard and slickR. See the example below for a simplified version (source code available on upper right corner).

The setup is fairly straightforward once you get the libraries flexdashboard and slickR. SlickR lets you set up a carousel, and I loaded up a bunch of images which were screenshots to blog posts.

See the full screen version: link