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  1. Housing construction and employment trends

    The U.S. isn't building enough homes to meet demand. One reason often cited is a lack of labor. How do construction trends compare to construction employment? Let's take a look.

  2. Housing market dataviz: week of November 22, 2017

    Data visualizations of recent housing market trends.

  3. Tour of U.S. metro area house price trends

    Let's take a tour of recent house price trends in the United States. We will build an awesome visualization with R and then export it to PowerPoint. From PowerPoint we will make a sweet video.

  4. Recent trends in U.S. housing markets: 2017Q3 update

    In this post we review of U.S. housing market trends through the third quarter of 2017. We take a close look at state housing markets and present several visualizations of house price trends.

  5. Home sales in expansions and recessions

    housing activity over the cycle

  6. Time to animate with tibbletime

  7. What time is it? Time for tibbletime!

  8. Analyzing mortgage data with R

  9. Arizona housing market trends

  10. Mortgage origination trends