Annotated Data Viz 1

Homeownership and the Jobs Outlook

BELOW IS A VISUALIZATION of job growth and homeownership by occcupation. This viz details expected job growth by occupation compared to homeownership rate by occupation. This viz was originally published on This viz shows compares variation in homeownership rates by occupation with expected job growth for those occupations. The size of the bubbles correspond to the expected number of job openings for that occupation. Projected job openings come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the homeownership rate comes from the American Community Survey, public use microdata.

This visualization helps us to see that projected job growth is clustered in the service sector, where typical entry level jobs requires either less than high school (purple bubbles) or a high school diploma or equivalent (pink bubbles). You can use the filter boxes to search for particular occupations, the typical entry level education, or the median salary. Below the plot, you will find a scrollable table.

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