Updated Favorite Data Visualizations

A place for us to find updated versions of favorite data visualizations

I’ve decided to create a post where I can regularly update some favorite data visualizations. Where I’ve previously discussed the data or shared code I will provide a link. Often I’ll update the charts and post them on Twitter soon after the data is released. I won’t be updating these that quickly, but I’ll do my best to keep up.

As I update some more charts I may add to the list. I might not update with every release, so I’ll indicate the last update for each chart.

Your favorite chart isn’t here? Let me know and maybe I can add it.

Mortgage Rates

Last updated 2020-12-10

Post Visualizing consumer price inflation and mortgage rates

Last updated 2020-12-10

Post Mortgage rates hit a record low Another record low on 2020-11-25

Last updated 2020-12-10

Post Chart Style 1979

U.S. Employment Charts

Last updated 2020-12-10

Post Jobs Friday June 2020

Jobless claims animations

Last updated 2020-12-10

Animated versions of my jobless claims charts.

Post: Labor Market Update

New Home Sales

Last updated 2020-11-25

Post: Housing usually heats up in summer

Post: Visualizing uncertainty in housing data

Consumer Price Inflation

Last updated 2020-12-21

Post Visualizing consumer price inflation and mortgage rates

State unemployment rates

Last updated 2020-05-22

Post State unemployment Rate dataviz