Housing market dataviz: week of November 22, 2017

Data visualizations of recent housing market trends.

IT IS THANKSGIVING WEEK HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. I’m getting ready to go out for a nice casual drive down Interstate I-95. Should be fun.

After I get back stuffed with turkey and whatnot, we’ll get back to data visualizations and analysis. But let me leave you a couple animated gifs showing recent housing and mortgage market trends.

Static plots

Static versions of the plots:

Some Twitter Highlights

I also posted a bunch of stuff this week over on Twitter. I haven’t had time to write them up beyond the 280 characters, but some there are some interesting plots. Check them out.

Economic Outlook

Thoughts on Mortgage Debt Outstanding

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, have a great one! I’m thankful for many things, including being able to share with you all.