Mortgage origination trends

IT IS SEPTEMBER AND THAT MEANS it is data release season. One of the most important September data releases for me is the annual HMDA data release.

These data provide the closest thing to a publicly-available comprehensive summary of U.S. mortgage market activity that we’ll get (for right now). The recently released data is for 2016 and provides a detailed view of mortgage market activity across the country. Let’s take a look.

I’ll likely have much more to say about these data (see for example this post from last year), but let me just post a quick summary infographic.

Researchers at the Federal Reserve have released useful summary data that we can grab (see Bulletin report (pdf) and .xslx spreadsheet). The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also releases useful tools, but we’ll look at the more detailed data later. For now, let’s just look at aggregate trends.

More to come

The release of the HMDA data provides a wealth of information about the U.S. mortgage market. We have only looked at aggregate trends, but by looking at disaggregated data we can learn quite a bit more. Keep a look out here for more to come.