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  1. Jobs Friday May 2018

    A gruesome accident at the Stegosaurus farm? No, a chart of consecutive job gains?

  2. Expanding Expansions, Contracting Recessions

    Economic expansions in the U.S. have been getting longer, recessions shorter. We explore with data visualizations made with R.

  3. April 2018 Housing Market Update

    The broader economic environment remains favorable for home sales. But without new home construction and increased housing supply, home sales in the U.S. will have a hard time growing from current levels. If incomes grow and mortgage rate increases are gradual, then the housing market should post modest growth this year and next.

  4. Charting Jobs Friday with R

    Chart Jobs Friday using R.

  5. Employment growth and house price trends

    Let's examine house price and employment trends. And yes, le'ts try out that crazy bivariate tilegrid map.

  6. February 2018 housing market update

    I'm giving an update on the economy, housing and mortgage market trends. Here are some highlights from my totally awesome slidedeck.

  7. Plotting U.S. Macroeconomic Trends with FRED and R

    Let's plot recent U.S. macroeconomic trends with R.

  8. Housing construction and employment trends

    The U.S. isn't building enough homes to meet demand. One reason often cited is a lack of labor. How do construction trends compare to construction employment? Let's take a look.

  9. JOLTS a dataviz trilogy

    A trilogy of animated data visualizations showing labor market trends. R code for the data wrangling and plotting bits.

  10. Recent trends in U.S. housing markets: 2017Q3 update

    In this post we review of U.S. housing market trends through the third quarter of 2017. We take a close look at state housing markets and present several visualizations of house price trends.