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House Prices

  1. Tour of U.S. metro area house price trends

    Let's take a tour of recent house price trends in the United States. We will build an awesome visualization with R and then export it to PowerPoint. From PowerPoint we will make a sweet video.

  2. Recent trends in U.S. housing markets: 2017Q3 update

    In this post we review of U.S. housing market trends through the third quarter of 2017. We take a close look at state housing markets and present several visualizations of house price trends.

  3. Plotting recent house price trends with R

  4. More on housing affordability

  5. Housing supply, population, and house prices: Tableau Dashboard

  6. Housing supply, population, and house prices: The macro view

  7. House price growth and employment trends

  8. Gather round and spread the word: Wrangling global house price data

  9. Plotting house price trends with FRED and R

  10. A grand tour of house price trends