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  1. Pomological Plots

    Pomological Plots with R

  2. Rate Cloud

    Let's make a new mortgage rate dataviz.

  3. Forecasting Game

    What's a forecaster to do? We look at a forecasting game and determine the optimal communication strategy for a forecaster who predicts a binary outcome.

  4. Rock that dadbod plot!

    Spring is nearly upon us, or at least we can hope. Let's examine how housing activity typically rounds into shape as the weather warms up. We'll make some fun plots with R.

  5. Majestic mortgage rate plot

    COME AND MAKE A MAJESTIC MORTGAGE RATE PLOT WITH ME. We'll use R to make a fun plot showing just how low mortgage rates in the U.S. are relative to historical averages.

  6. Bivariate tilegridmaps with R

  7. ggplot as it was meant to be

  8. Mortgage Rate Kandinsky

  9. Index starting points and dataviz

  10. What's that on the horizon? An awesome dataviz!