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  1. February 2018 housing market update

    I'm giving an update on the economy, housing and mortgage market trends. Here are some highlights from my totally awesome slidedeck.

  2. State population growth and house prices

    U.S. states with higher population growth rates have tended to have higher house price appreciation rates. Let's take a look.

  3. Recent trends in U.S. housing markets: 2017Q3 update

    In this post we review of U.S. housing market trends through the third quarter of 2017. We take a close look at state housing markets and present several visualizations of house price trends.

  4. Mortgage loan size distributions

  5. Mortgage origination trends

  6. New home sales fall (maybe)

  7. Housing starts grinding higher or grinding to a halt?

  8. If housing inventory is so tight, why are so many homes vacant?