Len Kiefer

Helping people understand the economy, housing and mortgage markets


  1. February 2018 housing market update

    I'm giving an update on the economy, housing and mortgage market trends. Here are some highlights from my totally awesome slidedeck.

  2. Dynamic Model Averaging Presentation Slides

    Slides summarizing recent investigations into dynamic model averaging and dynamic logistic regression for binary outcomes. Also, code for making slides.

  3. Purrrtier PowerPoint with R

  4. ggplot as it was meant to be

  5. Crafting a PowerPoint Presentation with R

  6. The 100 second crisis: Fear, public speaking, and what I do about it

  7. Description and presentation, exploration and analysis

  8. Hello Ninja! Crafting a browser-based presentation and how I got (re)started with R

  9. See Data, Speak Data Part 1: But I've go so much to say!