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Data Wrangling

  1. What's up? VSUP, that's what's up.

    Value-Suppressing Uncertainty Palettes allocate a larger range of a visual channel when uncertainty is low, and smaller ranges when uncertainty is high. Let us make one with R.

  2. Expanding Expansions, Contracting Recessions

    Economic expansions in the U.S. have been getting longer, recessions shorter. We explore with data visualizations made with R.

  3. quick geofacet plots

  4. What time is it? Time for tibbletime!

  5. Analyzing mortgage data with R

  6. PURRRty PowerPoint with R

  7. A (Tidyquant)um of solace

  8. Plotting recent house price trends with R

  9. Gather round and spread the word: Wrangling global house price data

  10. Plotting house price trends with FRED and R