Last Summer This Spring

Earlier this week I gave a talk and used this picture to compare myself last summer to this spring. Some key differences. Last summer I was: clean shaven provoking bears This spring I am: sporting a quarantine beard dealing with sassy autofill Despite what autofill was suggesting I think there’s some reason for optimism, though no doubt recent weeks have been tough. Last summer, when I took the photo with the bears, I was up in New York City.

Write Anything

This could have been a tweet. Sometimes it is a tweet. After I have taken a break from social media, blogging, etc and I try to get back in the swing I find it incredibly difficult to get restarted. I feel enormous pressure to say something insightful, something funny, something grand. An effective strategy is not to shoot for the stars. Rather than writing something great, I set my sights lower.

Sharing is caring

LET’S MAKE SHARING BETTER ON THIS PAGE. I saw this today: 💫 how-to for making your #blogdown social-friendly: "Socialize your blogdown" by @xvrdm #rstats #opengraph — Mara Averick (@dataandme) October 23, 2017 That links to this excellent post on socializing your blogdown. Turns out my (slightly) modified GhostWriter theme is mostly setup for this already. I just needed to add a description and twitterImg to the post metadata and it works.

Hello Hugo! Hello Blogdown!

ALL RIGHT! LOOKS LIKE WE’RE BACK ONLINE. I took the opportunity to try out the newly released blogdown R package and migrate my blog over from Jekyll to Hugo. This blog has been up for just over two years and Jekyll was working fine, but I never felt really comfortable. I’m guessing that the Blogdown package will become enormously popular and it seems that Hugo has more flexibility for me.