New Blog Style!

We have a new theme!

I decided to switch over my blog theme. The Ghostwriter theme I used was nice, but it didn’t have a blog archive. As the number of posts grow a blog archive is easier to search. We still have tags you can search.

I’ve adopted the Hugo Blackburn theme. This is the same theme used over at the Simply Statistics blog. If you drop by that blog, check out this essay by Roger Peng with some perspective on the evolution of R.

Some notes on the transition to Blackburn

This blog post by Mike Treglia was helpful as I transitioned over. I also went over to the Simply Statistics Github page to figure out a few things. In particular, I had trouble getting the archive page to render. If you add this indexes folder to the layout under your own blog it solves the issue.

Overall this transition was much less painful than my transition from Jekyll to Hugo. Of course, the excellent blogdown package and Hugo make this much easier.

Old posts might have lost images

I tried to regenerate figures for most of the recent blog posts, but many of the images from older blog posts, particularly files with larger size like animated gifs, might not have carried over. I don’t have any plans to recreate them at this time.