Flexin' Friday

WE WORKED OUT A VISUALIZATION REMIX ON WEDNESDAY and now that it’s Friday time to flex a little. In this post I’m going to remix the remix into a flexdashboard.

I made this dashboard using crosstalk and plotly. By using htmlwidgets we can create an interactive dashboard in a static webpage.

In this version I added an animation. In order to get the animation to work you’ll need the development version of plotly for R.

It took me a while to get the animation to work, but basically I combined a ggplot2 graph with plotly using ggplotly. ggplotly doesn’t support all features of ggplot2, for example rug plots are out, but it does quite a lot. I’m fond of thinking if you can make a scatterplot along with line segments and polygons, you basically can create any visualization you want (you might also need curves if you believe in them).

Check out the fullscreen version here.

Source code is available on the upper right corner.