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  1. Tour of U.S. metro area house price trends

    Let's take a tour of recent house price trends in the United States. We will build an awesome visualization with R and then export it to PowerPoint. From PowerPoint we will make a sweet video.

  2. JOLTS a dataviz trilogy

    A trilogy of animated data visualizations showing labor market trends. R code for the data wrangling and plotting bits.

  3. A note on competing risks

    A small note on a statistical result. Some simulations and maximum likelihood estimation with R, Broom and Purrr.

  4. A closer look at forecasting recessions with dynamic model averaging

    Back we go into the vasty deep. In this post we look closer at using dynamic model averaging and dynamic logistic regression to forecast recessions.

  5. Forecasting recessions with dynamic model averaging

    We go into the vasty deep, dipping our toes ever so slightly into the dark waters of macroeconometric forecasting. Here we use dynamic model averaging to forecast recessions with R.

  6. Combining PowerPoint and R's tweenr for smooth animations

  7. Purrrtier PowerPoint with R

  8. Mortgage rates are low!

  9. Time to animate with tibbletime

  10. Unemployment Flexdashboard