Me on a podcast

Hey check it out! Me on a podcast: We talk about data visualization and how I use it at work. A bit about using R too. I got the opportunity to talk with Jon Schwabish on the Policyviz podcast. Jon’s PolicyViz blog has a lot of cool data visualization stuff, including chart remakes and thoughtful discussion. There’s a bunch of other neat stuff on the page too. So check out the podcast and take a look around the page, there’s a lot of useful stuff there.

Hello Hugo! Hello Blogdown!

ALL RIGHT! LOOKS LIKE WE’RE BACK ONLINE. I took the opportunity to try out the newly released blogdown R package and migrate my blog over from Jekyll to Hugo. This blog has been up for just over two years and Jekyll was working fine, but I never felt really comfortable. I’m guessing that the Blogdown package will become enormously popular and it seems that Hugo has more flexibility for me. Also, Blogdown and Rstudio integrate better with Hugo than Jekyll.

Going off the grid

See you later I’m going to be away from the grid (web, twitter etc.) for a few weeks. Back later this summer! {% include JB/setup