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  1. A closer look at forecasting recessions with dynamic model averaging

    Back we go into the vasty deep. In this post we look closer at using dynamic model averaging and dynamic logistic regression to forecast recessions.

  2. Forecasting recessions with dynamic model averaging

    We go into the vasty deep, dipping our toes ever so slightly into the dark waters of macroeconometric forecasting. Here we use dynamic model averaging to forecast recessions with R.

  3. Home sales in expansions and recessions

    housing activity over the cycle

  4. Unemployment Flexdashboard

  5. Forecasting is hard (work)

  6. Housing market recap

  7. Consumer prices, household debt

  8. House price growth and employment trends

  9. Gather round and spread the word: Wrangling global house price data

  10. Hello Ninja! Crafting a browser-based presentation and how I got (re)started with R