Len Kiefer

Helping people understand the economy, housing and mortgage markets


  1. Simple animated line plot with R

    Here is some simple code to make an animated line plot for a time series using R.

  2. Plotting U.S. Macroeconomic Trends with FRED and R

    Let's plot recent U.S. macroeconomic trends with R.

  3. Housing market dataviz: week of November 22, 2017

    Data visualizations of recent housing market trends.

  4. Majestic mortgage rate plot

    COME AND MAKE A MAJESTIC MORTGAGE RATE PLOT WITH ME. We'll use R to make a fun plot showing just how low mortgage rates in the U.S. are relative to historical averages.

  5. Tour of U.S. metro area house price trends

    Let's take a tour of recent house price trends in the United States. We will build an awesome visualization with R and then export it to PowerPoint. From PowerPoint we will make a sweet video.

  6. JOLTS a dataviz trilogy

    A trilogy of animated data visualizations showing labor market trends. R code for the data wrangling and plotting bits.

  7. Combining PowerPoint and R's tweenr for smooth animations

  8. Purrrtier PowerPoint with R

  9. Mortgage rates are low!

  10. Time to animate with tibbletime